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(Paper Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur, Art/Craft Trainer at Just Love Crafts)

Priyanka Gupta Sarvaiya has been a quiller for more than a decade and works with paper to create everything from greeting cards, photo frames, pendants, and earrings to designing artworks for reputed agencies. Her recent venture of DIY Quilling Kits designed and packed exclusively by her was a rage.

Introduction to the Art

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote from Emerson aptly describes Priyanka. 

I first noticed her brilliance as an artist, when I saw her beautiful installation of a bounty of handcrafted paper flowers strewn about creating an illusion of “spring with blooms” at Tatini’s Art Show.

Priyanka is the first and only Accredited quilling artist in Singapore to achieve an accreditation from the prestigious Quilling Guild UK for paper quilling art in the year 2018 and recently from the North American Quilling Guild (2020).

Art Calling....

Priyanka holds a Masters degree in Investment and Finance from London as she went on to pursue the path that everyone including herself thought would be right for her. But having an artistic flair since young she did not stop, even on a student’s budget, and discovered quilling purely by chance in one of the art shops in the UK.

Priyanka discovered that one does not need a lot to begin quilling. However, looking at Priyanka’s intricate work I would say it definitely needs loads of patience and creativity.

She says, “She loved the art of quilling so much that she kept going back to it as and when she got a moment whether happy or sad. Quilling made her the happiest and that’s how she realized that she had found her Calling.

Eventually, when she got married and moved to Singapore, she continued with this art and she started writing about her Journey with Quilling through her Blog, Just Love Crafts” 

From there began her journey…..

Her work got noticed and she was invited to conduct her first quilling workshop at NTU with the Staff Recreation department and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved and ‘we didn’t wanna stop for hours’.

There was no turning back from there. She ran more workshops for NTU and many others, people started noticing her works and before she realized she was a sought- after Artist.

She thanks her Husband Jatin Sarvaiya who encouraged her to pursue her dreams and do what makes her happy.

Phenomenal Journey from A Master Quiller to a Paper Artist

Priyanka loves using paper in every possible form as it’s such a versatile medium. It's colorful, widely available and we are surrounded by it. Though quilling is and will always be her first love, she went on to discover more paper crafts such as decoupage, scrapbooking, paper cutting, origami, paper mache, etc.

Recycling & Upcycling

Recently Priyanka has been doing a lot of upcycling using magazines, newspapers, packaging, invitation cards, even Toilet  paper rolls and she turns them into something beautiful.

She speaks about conservatively using the wealth that nature has endowed us with. 

She’s part of Various groups that believes in Freecycle, Recycle & resource sharing Art supplies, and other things.

Animal rights Activist

Priyanka has a compassionate side to her. She cares a lot about the abuse that we humans do to animals to satiate our gastronomic desires and decided to go Vegan.

Recently she along with a few crafters helped crochet, knit, sew a range of items including koala mittens for burned paws and pouches for infant "joey" kangaroos who have lost their mothers in the Australian bushfires

The Evolution of Quilling

When you talk to Priyanka, you can feel the excitement in her voice when she talks passionately about quilling. She says, ‘I love testing my limits in Quilling’. She talks about how it has evolved over the years with newer and newer tools flooding the market though she maintains you only need paper and glue to begin. 

The reason she likes to do quilling is she feels because it’s a very simple craft,  it’s therapeutic, easy to take up, and has a lot of potentials.

Priyanka has taught thousands of people by means of workshops and public events and believes it brings joy to not only those who learn but to herself too.

Achievements and Dreams come true....

Priyanka’s achievements are parallel to none, her work - 'Kaleidoscopic Singapore' was one of a kind Science meets Art project and the biggest display of quilling in Singapore and possibly in South East Asia. It was her dream project as she always dreamt of doing Singapore Landmarks in Quilling. It was done as a community project with over 200 participants and at least 20,000 quilling flowers had been used.

She was featured on Yahoo TV as a part of their Creators series, Straits Times, Home and Crown magazine, and several other media features.

She Offers paper art/science fusion programs and designs art classes for different market segments.

She has worked on a number of private and Government commissioned projects as well as teaches different forms of crafts at various public and private venues including NLB, Science Centre, Community Centres, Schools, and corporate offices.

She has single-handedly managed and delivered many creative projects for the public and private sector organizations from start to finish with efficiency and accuracy.

Curated the MakerFaire space for EarthFest for the last three occasions as a Director. EarthFest is a leading sustainable festival and the MakerFaire aimed at Inspiring and supporting people and organizations to make more environmentally sustainable choices through art education and engagement.

Participated in several Maker and art events on both national and international level by means of installations, artworks, workshops, and seminars

She has presented her artworks to PM Lee as well as the President of Singapore on public occasions and believes she has been fortunate to get those opportunities as an artist.

Recently Priyanka was featured on Mediacorp Radio Class 95 for a quilling chit chat and a demo to RJ Jean Danker trying her hands on quilling for the first time.


Do click on this Stunning video showcasing Priyanka's achievements

Priyanka aspires

To get people to respect quilling as a mainstream art form rather than a hobby.

Priyanka says that Quilling is an extremely fun, easy, and ‘addictive’ craft to take up which can be practiced by people of all age groups and gender and requires no special skills.

To learn from the Master Quiller herself do get in touch with her and watch her Facebook page Just Love Crafts for upcoming workshops.

Conduct art/craft/upcycling/mixed media workshops for both kids and adults via multiple platforms.

Her "DIY Quilling Kits "to encourage more people to quill turned out to be best sellers.

Her message to all those who wish to pursue art is, “Never give up, if you have the passion in you and you are dedicated, you will surely get noticed for your works”. 

She feels sad that many people who are talented give up.

“Do not be afraid to travel a new path; It may be the way to find what you’ve been looking for all along.” 

If you want Priyanka to conduct a workshop, learn the art or get an artistic arrangement made by Priyanka…..


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