31 July 2020


A Sweet Chocolate Story


Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.
Chocolate is love without Words.
Chocolate has been a gift that could never go wrong.
Be it a gift on a first date, for valentines, For an anniversary or to make up after a fight.
There are millions of reasons to gift chocolates.
Chocolates from time immemorial have been associated with happiness.
Chocolate contains the chemicals phenethylamine and serotonin, which are thought to be stress busters, mood boosters and even said to have aphrodisiac properties.
Eating chocolate makes you feel good, even euphoric. And nothing can beat the pleasure of how it melts in your mouth and instantly manages to change your mood.
When chocolate can do so much for you why not indulge in the delights from Kanchan Sharma's chocolate boutique "Mishtii". 

Mishti means sweet in Hindi and it means a sweet person in Sanskrit. What an apt name for my childhood friend who's as sweet as her sweet venture.
After getting married, having kids, managing her hearth and home and balancing a career in tutoring kids for 18 years successfully, Kanchan finally found her calling in Chocolates. 
Something that she loved to indulge in since she was a child.
She decided to follow her calling and learnt to make chocolates 5 years ago.
Armed with the skill, she started to perfect this art and made chocolates as gifts. 
She started getting rave reviews for her chocolates. 

This year she decided to name her brand. 
Her husband, Mr. Sanjiv Sharma, who's an ace in his business of "Sign boards making" since the last 25 years and very supportive towards Kanchan's venture suggested her, the name "Mishtii". 

When I asked Kanchan, "Why would people want to buy Homemade chocolates when there are so many big brands available in the shops?"
Pat came the reply, Can the brands customise to the person’s needs?, they are churned out in factories, lying in shelves, sometimes not stored properly even.
Mishtii chocolates are made fresh upon order. Kanchan insists upon personally handpicked ingredients that are fused into exotic combinations. She crafts them with love, they can be made into different shapes and sizes, she can make chocolates for vegans and diabetic friendly as well.
They can be personalized for occasions/events. 

She has made beautiful chocolate gifts for Milestone Wedding Anniversaries. 
She can design them uniquely depending on the occasion. 
She excitedly shares with me about how they surprised a relative with the unique gift of her husband's specially crafted signage board and a beautiful chocolate box from Mishtii. 
Her husband's business compliments her business in creating many unique and innovative gifts and together they can cater to many a corporate events and functions. 
Kanchan is constantly evolving and now she has a range in liqueur chocolates.
She says it's a rage among the New Generation chocolate lovers. Rum and raisins is the most popular flavor she quips.
Her Caramel & Butterscotch flavors are to die for. 
Be it dark chocolate, white chocolate, exotic nuts, center filled delights or truffles, she can make them in her home boutique.
Her chocolate fudge loaded with walnuts is another jewel from her chocolate boutique that should not be missed.
Her daughters are her strength and the pillars to her success story. They support her and continue to help her with the E-commerce requirements and marketing through social media handles and logistics.
With the support of family and friends and such rave reviews from customers, Mishtii has made a niche for herself with the likes of Master chef Ripu daman Handa appreciating her chocolates and sharing it on his social media handle.
Currently Kanchan serves customers only in Delhi NCR region, but she’s having a demand from other states in India and her customers settled abroad as well. 

Do Try Mishtii's fresh homemade chocolates prepared hygienically with love.
Satisfaction guaranteed👍👍👍👍👍

To order from Kanchan's chocolate boutique
You can contact -:
MISHTII (Chocolate Boutique)
Kanchan Sharma
📱Mobile No. - +91 98993 76602

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