17 October 2008



The morning rush to reach work in time during the working days and can’t find your socks, how many times this could have happened to us. What we do is usually stack our socks in one place, so we can’t find the pair. It’s worse if our socks are all the same color and have only a slight difference in design. Here is a little tip on how to organize your socks, so that it looks neat and at the same time stays together in a pair and there is no way it can mix with the other pairs.

Step 1

You can see a pair of socks, I took a colorful one so its easy to see how it is done.

Step 2

Keep one socks on top of the other as shown in the picture

Step 3

Make 3 folds. First fold the bottom side

Step 4

Then fold once more. Roll on

After you fold it will look like this.

The side where you put your leg in will be together as you see in the picture

Step 5

The last flap you pull and turn inside out, this forms a pocket and holds the pair together

Voila.....You are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See the top view of the folding.

You can have many pockets of your pair of socks as shown in the picture below, not only will they be together so you don’t have to search for the pair, they also look neat in the closet/wardrobe/cupboard.


Colors of India said...

A very good tip Sukanya

Colors of India said...

A very good tip Sukanya.

Veda Murthy said...

Guess what sukanya...i do it the same way....this way u never lose them and find them even when u r in a hurry....my husband taught me this technique:-)

Priya said...

I follow this way too..u never lose also kids will learn easily to organize their socks by themselves, even my last one do this nowadays alone..i learned this from the MIL..good one sukanya

Glass Beads said...

Neat way to store socks Sukanya. I tie the pair together and keep it in the cupboard. this looks really neat. Thank you.

Priti said...

Nice idea ..gud one dear..but can't find the award u r talking abt ?

Adlak's tiny world said...

beautiful and useful tips sukanya. sure ll follow this from today. thanks for dropping by my blog. Do visit as and ven possible.

vidhas said...

Very nice tip sukanya. especially in the morning we always find it difficult if it is not proper.

Hema said...

nice one sukanya.. i tried it.. and it is very useful.. thanks for the tip! Can you show tips on napkin folding please