20 September 2008



I did this coin work embroidery on my Punjabi suit. I bought this dress because it had a very sober and rich looking color combination and I was in love with the kalamkari print and the sheer softness and flow of the fabric. I got it stitched from the tailor but when it came from the tailor I felt it was looking very dull and simple, the color which initially impressed me felt dull and I wanted to do something to make the dress look more glamorous. The color of the fabric didn’t leave me with much choice as any embroidery I choose would get blended into the kalamkari print, so I settled for coin work. I chose gold colored coins of a medium size to give it that extra zing.

I sewed on the coins onto the front, the sleeves and also to the dupatta.

It was very difficult to attach it to the dupatta and I learnt later that usually when they attach such kind of embroidery to sheer fabrics, they usually use a thick cloth as base when they sew on the embroidery to help hold it in place. I had to stitch many times to hold the coin to the fabric. But its worth the try.

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