16 September 2008




Hang your curtains in a different manner and lo and behold the look of your house is changed !

Curtains do much more than blocking the sunlight and maintaining your privacy, they also soften the look of the room. Hanging curtains in right fabrics and patterns in different ways can make your window look larger, smaller, wider or narrower than it really is, add height to the living room or give an oriental or romantic feel to the living room.

Here is style of hanging the same old curtain but draped in a different manner, this gives it a theatrical look. The draping done here is very simple…..

Step 1

Hang the curtain, scoop out the fabric from the middle as shown in the picture, hold it there. About 5 inches of the fabric is held by you in your fist.

Step 2

Twist the 5 inches that is out

Step 3

Roll it around, forming a circle

Step 4

And bring the tip through the circle formed

Step 5

The Tip comes out and is held there like a knot

This gives the appearance of a rose and you can see how beautiful this drape looks.

You can do this in fabrics which are not too sheer and slip off, if you so choose then you must hold the knot with a decorative pin.

If the curtain is made of heavy jacquard or cotton materials you cant drape it in this fashion.

The fabric should be light and able to hold the knot.

You can further enhance the look by tucking in an artificial flower or tying a bow.


sowmya said...

good one sukanya..i think I should visit your place and take tips and simple ideas on home decoration..

easycrafts said...

The curtains certainly look much more beautiful this way

Illatharasi said...

Very nicely done... looks wonderful!

Lc said...

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LG said...

This is a good one Sukanya :)

Ikshaa said...

Too good Sukanya..these small ideas only makes our home look like heaven