20 August 2008



Since Iam not an artist I thought why not incorporate a Warli painting on my little one’s Tee- shirt.

Warli painting derives its name from a small tribe inhabiting the remote regions of Maharashtra, India.

Folk imagination, beliefs and customs are spontaneously expressed in these monochromatic tribal paintings.

Warli is a simple art form using geometric designs, dots and crooked lines.

Warli paintings are usually done in stark white against earthern backgrounds, but my little one wanted Red on her T-shirt, I used a red color for the motifs but highlighted it with a white color just for that dash of originality….anyways the background is blue, so we are not incorporating authentic Warli painting….. so here is a variation. This one is for my little one.

Iam planning to do a proper Warli painting later…..

Read about Warli paintings here;


Here is what I drew on the front;

On the front I drew a family of four, A man, a woman and 2 girls, which is a depiction of our family.

The man wears spectacles(initially he wasn’t wearing one, but my daughter insisted, “ Pappa wears spectacles so you must draw it.

The woman in the picture is me (Mamma, with bangles in the hand and a bun on the head, I don’t wear both, but this is just to depict the difference in the pictures),

My 5 year old has a pony tail and my little one has curly hair so the older one insisted I draw curly hair for the little one. Here is a close-up of the Tee-shirt (on your left)

On the back I wrote,

“WE ARE FAMILY, MY PARENTS AND MY SISTERS AND ME”…My little one is a Simpson’s fan.

I have also attempted to do a flower giving it a 3-D effect. I have mixed colors and highlighted with a yellow and white color and outlined the petals with black trying to give it a raised 3-D look.

Check the picture on your right to see the 3-D look.

Since this was my 5 year old’s Tee shirt, Art has been altered to suit to her needs.

So I can say it’s a Warli “ Inspired” Fabric Art.

"This is an ode to my birth place Maharashtra and also to the birth place of my better half and my first born. "


notyet100 said...

its lookin good,..specially family pic,..;-),.waitin for more...

sowmya said...

Thats a cute one..your daughter gives you creative ideas..lovely!!

easycrafts said...

Thats really a cool painting of a family..btw, an award for u here http://easycrafts.blogspot.com/2008/08/crochet-clown.html

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow that's really cool one.

Amma said...

looks grt!