04 August 2008


Veda Murthy of Iyengar's Kitchen has hosted this very beautiful event of Fridge Magnets. We can show off our Fridge Magnet collections here.

This is a picture of the Magnets that are on my Fridge.
Each Magnet there has some memory attached. Like the sacks with spices are souveniers we got back from our visit to Chiang Mai(Northern most part of Thailand)
The korean dolls were brought from Korea by my husband Yo
The little magnetic stickers of birds are a souvenier from the bird park which my little one loves to proudly display on the fridge
There is the magnetic sticker made by me on which I usually display my family photos.
There's the Disneyland magnet a gift from my friend who had just been to the Hongkong Disneyland. Unfortunately when we had been to Hongkong, Disneyland was still not open to visitors.
The butterflies are the latest addition, thanks to my little one's school picnic to Butterfly park. She has stuck them herself on the refrigerator.....and so on and so forth......


Veda Murthy said...

lovely collection...splly liked ur frame magnet for fotos.....korean dolls are so cute.....we have so many similar magnets.....will display them nicely in the round up....

easycrafts said...

beautiful magnets...unfortunately i dont have any to display for the event as in India we dont get that much variety

Indian said...

U have lovely collection...I liked the dolls and sacks the best...butterflies are beautiful too...gud one dear

notyet100 said...

nice one,..everyhin lookin good..

Vernon - "Beba" said...

Hi Sukanya,

I liked you collection and would like to see you add more. Please feel free to view my collection:)