07 September 2008



After I delivered my second baby, I went to India for some rest. I stayed with my parents for 4 months enjoying the luxury of post natal care and generally not doing anything. After a while I was getting so bored that I decided I must make myself busy with something.(Since I am a Type “A” personality).

One project I undertook was teaching computers for free to my maid servants’ brother and the beautician and the second project I undertook was embroidery.

Yes embroidery…..What embroidery I knew was attaching stones, just like we attach a button…so simple….(its called stonework and was a rage in India about 2 years back) to the neckline of kurtas and that I had done about 2 years back, the tailors in India nowadays charge a bomb for even simple embroidery, so I thought why not try doing some simple embroidery myself, if it was not going to work I will pass my project to the tailor and pay for it to be done…..Ohhhh!!!!! the luxuries of staying in India.

I do most of my garments purchasing in India. Since I happen to live in Mumbai the fashion capital of India and the fabrics there are cheap and I have a permanent tailor there who does all my designing. I just have to tell him my ideas and he will get it incorporated for me…..I truly miss Mumbai when I am here (in Singapore).

I am going to feature all the embroidery I attempted in segments, I tried different works and different looks.I also designed a few dresses, they are unique and I will feature them in the blog soon….

During the time I did a lot of purchasing, mainly kurtas. Some expensive and grand party wear and some simple for regular wear. I end up wearing western wear(pants and kurtas) almost all the time in Singapore simply because it’s convenient and less clothes to wash, iron and maintain. This time round when I was shopping I noticed that cotton kurtas were selling in small roadside shops for Rupees150-200.

The moment I saw this green Kurta I was in love. I liked the color and threadwork and the fact that it was so simple. Since I had a lot of time and nothing to do, I thought why not do some embroidery and highlight the look of the kurta.


I wanted to use contrast in this Kurta as I felt the Kurta was gorgeous as far as color and the thread work goes, but still looked pretty plain. So I chose orange colored sequins, as they make a definite but subtle contrast to the green. The orange colored sequins I chose are called Dhoop- chaav(literally meaning sun and shade), but actually this means that it shows two colors. In one angle it will look like a copper color and in the other angle it will look like orange color.

Things that I used : - “0” zero number needle, orange colored thread and orange sequins.

I decided that inside every mango shape(threadwork) I am going to sew on a sequin. After I sewed on a few I got bored as I am not very patient with embroidery, It took me about 15 days to finish the kurta, but believe me the immense happiness it gave me when I wore it…..It cant be explained in words.


notyet100 said...

lookin nice,..;-)

LG said...

Kurta looks nice..


looks good ....

sowmya said...

kurta looks grand after the sequence work..kind of functional wear!!

easycrafts said...

Hey, even I have become crazy about embrodiery now on kurtas..although i dont prefer sequeins, simple thread works also do wonders to the plain kurta..working on one off and on...will publish in blog once i am done (dont know when)..feeling lazy to do..Your simple kurta got a very grand look with your efforts...waiting for more ideas

Glass Beads said...


first time here, liked your blog. Just recently I too did something like this to my kurta. it is on my blog.


vidhas said...

very nice blog. Your explanation is too good, step by step photographs, Simply superub.

NikVad said...

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Jaya said...

nice work here ..beautiful..
hugs and smiles

Raghu Pandey said...

Wow !!! this is the nice collections & they look very ethnic on the functions of worshipping. These kurtas come with embroidery over whole sleeves look good when they are wore with both pajamas or over Jeans.
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