25 September 2006


When I saw that the wood on top of the beautiful wooden bedside tables that I had were starting to spoil thanks to my little one pouring water on it on a regular basis, I decided there is no point in buying another one and disposing off this one, since the bedside tables were strong and in good shape, I decided that this was the chance to make it look softer and give it a new look so I bought Tatami Japanese Mats available in the market for $2 and cut it and placed it on top and bought a glass top for the bedside tables and fixed it with some glass holders on top. Not only have I managed to introduce natural materials in my room but have also managed to enhance the room's sense of harmony and tranquility. This has softened the look of the bedside tables. It looks simple but rustic and a touch of the tropical resort style d├ęcor.

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Usha said...

Very nice,good one :)